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Airways in India

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Airways Importance
Airways in India are considered as very significant owing to the country`s vast size and long distances involved between two cities. Moreover, the airways network is also supported by climate. In this country, climate is favourable for air transportation as prolonged cloudy weather and foggy conditions are almost missing over a large part of the country. The advantages of air transportation are numerous. Speed and ease are the two most significant advantages that can conveniently cross mountain barriers, large water expanses, sandy deserts, etc. Al these advantages make airways an indispensable one.

Further, airways are not only the fastest means of journey, but also are most comfortable and impressive. Today in this age of speed air travel is the most suitable and contented means of travel. In India, air transportation is practical for one more reason. It can cross pretty tricky topographies, like lofty mountains, dull deserts, impenetrable forests and vast stretches of seas, with minimum pain. For instance, one can envision the northeastern part of the country with enormous rivers, everyday floods, impenetrable forests, lofty mountain ranges and international limits, erecting obstructions in surface journeys. But air travel has made things far smoother, than one can barely reckon.

The first domestic commercial air travel in India had started in February of the year 1911. The flight was from Allahabad to Nainital which was a distance of just six miles. With the passage of time, air travel in India has improved to a large extent. The first commercial airline that had started operating in India was Tata Airlines in the year 1933 and in the year 1945 the second domestic airline industry in India had begun with the name Deccan Airways. In 1946 Tata Airways had changed its name to AirIndia and in 1947; Air India had signed an agreement with the Government of India to begin its international operation.

Government of India has embraced a...


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