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Live vs Recorded Music

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Live Music Vs Recorded Music

Why is live music climbing up the ladder and become a continent for Recorded Music. I will be discussing both sides of the argument and attempted to come to find the winner.
In this era of the 21st century, music has taken another huge leap into the future. Music once being about profiling, reputation and recorded music. Now comes to a time where music is only good when it is live. So why has thoughts changed on music being better live then recorded? What made the public decide artists and bands can’t survive in the industry today? Would the pubic rather see a live performance then listen to the albums?
The purpose of this study is to achieve the issues surrounding the relationship between Live and Recorded music. Both inspire and influence in professional and educational settings, as well as our culture. I will study and examine the roles of each and address the change.
Quick Definition;
Live Music
Live music is a performance or act of music where it is projected in front/around you. The performer will display their vocal or music ability using instruments e.g. Voice, Orchestra and any other required instruments. Live music can be heard and seen over TV, Radio and live gigs. In short terms live music is well known for not using effects and being able to see raw talent first hand.

Recorded Music
Recorded music is music you can find on CD’s, MP3’s and albums. It’s the artist song or instrumental recorded on to software. Where it is constructed, cut, packaged, effects added and in result a perfect sounding record that is released.

Heading right back to the days when there was no technology to record music. Music was only available live. People would gather at many destinations e.g. Parties, gatherings, hotels, clubs and hot spots to hear music. It couldn’t have been any issue for people then to listen to music that way, as it was the only source. It wasn’t until technology evolved in the 19th hundreds, the first audio...


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