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Alisha Lezama Anthem Draft Number 2prompt

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Alisha lezama Anthem draft number 2Prompt 1  Anthem is a heroic and inspiring story of the individual’s independent spirit. Even though, at the end of the novel, Equality is greatly outnumbered, and modern society lies in ruins, it is a story of liberation and hope- not despair. Explain. In a society that prohibits individuality, a world in which you are trapped inside your own thoughts, a false utopian environment where the establishment suppresses you, it is easy to give up hope. Anthem takes place in a futuristic society where the technological advances of modern day have been extinguished, and restrictions on independence are inflicted. The protagonist of the novel, Equality 7-2521, wakes up each morning to a routine, pre-scheduled day. Long hours of labor, little rest and disturbed sleep make up most of his life, a life in with no individuality. When you live practically the same monotonous day repeatedly, there is little room for progress, little room for hope of something better. Equality 7-2521, however, finds the small fragment of hope left, and with that hope, he creates a new life for himself and finds the individual spirit that lies within. It the city portrayed in Anthem, it is in violation of the rules of the World Council to think any thoughts that all of your brothers do not also think in unison. The use of the word “I” or any way of distinguishing yourself from your brothers as a collective group is strictly forbidden, and consequences can be severe. Equality 7-2521 noticeably differs from his brothers from the beginning. He speaks of how his teachers dislike him in the House of Learning because he is too intelligent. His a daring outlook on life distinguishes him from his brothers. His individual spirit cannot be broken and the will to achieve his goals drives him onward. Equality 7-2521 finds himself thinking thoughts that are a sin. He writes about these sins, at first conflicted by whether or not he should rebel against his society, or if he...


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