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Autism and Education

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Ana Rosevear
Miss Roberts
Honors English III
18 December 2011
Research Project
1 to 1.5 million Americans live with an autism spectrum disorder.   School communities have recently been mainstreaming students with mild disabilities into regular academic classes.   Each person with Autism is unique and each has unique needs.   This goes to say schooling and interacting with normal kids can be difficult for a child with Autism.   In order to mainstream a child with Autism, they must meet the requirement of having a low functioning degree on the autism spectrum.
Children with Autism have the ability to perform in a classroom with normal students.   There have been studies that show children at the elementary level of the Adaptive learning Environment Model with mild disabilities, or a lower degree of Autism in this case, functioned well in classrooms that are provided with structure and choice (Theodore Abramson, Lee Ann Truesdell, and Wang).   Every classroom has students from all different ranges.   Most kids are on task with what their teachers assigned them during their day; others have a tendency to wonder off onto something different than what they are supposed to be doing.   Yes, not being on task is a symptom for Autistic children, but teachers will tell anyone that a regular student with no disabilities can have the same problem.   With education, you must give all students the patience they deserve.   Both the groups of kids, autistic and normal, have about the same number of emotional interactions with the common teacher (Theodore Abramson, Lee Ann Truesdell, and Kaufman et al).   This concludes every type of student in need of guidance will approach the teacher when they need it.   Too much extra help for a person with light autism is not needed.
Children with Autism interrupt a class with regular students.   Authors Theodore Abramson and Lee Ann Truesdell stated, ‚ÄúStudents with emotional disturbances‚Ķ exhibit inappropriate behavior or feelings, a persuasive...


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