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Helping Expand Autism Awareness Resource Team
Introduction to Autism Spectrum Disorders: Understanding the Enigma

“ It’s not so much about winning or losing, but the process, and being able to participate.”
Jerry Newport

True or False
1)T/F Children with autism are unaffectionate F some might appear unaffectionate, but might only have trouble expressing complex emotions. 2)T/F All children with autism have mental retardation F some people with autism also have mental retardation. This is difficult to assess due to communication difficulties.

True or False
3)T/F Children with autism have a special gift F some do but most do not 4)T/F Children with autism have language difficulties T by definition, children with autism have communication difficulties.

True or False
5)T/F Children with autism have problems with social skills. T, by definition 6)T/F Children with autism can be cured. F, currently there is no “cure” for autism but there are many treatment approaches the can lessen the effects of behaviors associated with autism.

True or False
7)T/F Children with autism do not develop special attachments to people, including family members. F, people with autism may have difficulty expressing emotions but they do have feelings 8)T/F All children with autism avoid eye contact. F, some will avoid direct eye contact

True or False
9)T/F Children with autism do not experience academic success and should be taught “functional” skills only. F, some people with autism have good academic skills; don’t presume that a lack of communication skills indicates a lack of intelligence.

True or False
10)T/F Children with autism learn differently than their typically developing peers and children with other disabilities. F, some may need increased visual prompts, or other adaptive strategies and some will learn as their peers.

True or False
11)T/F Individuals with autism are not able to hold a job when they reach adulthood. F, with proper instruction many...


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