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Abortion 3

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What is abortion exactly? Abortion is an operation or other procedure to terminate a pregnancy before the fetus is viable. It is argued that women should have the right to control what decisions are made over their body; however it is also bickered that abortion is murder and no human has the right to take a life away. In the articles, “Abortion Rights are Pro-Life” and “Against Abortion” the authors argue and defend their views over the much debated topic.
Through the use of rhetorical strategies the author, Leonard Peikoff, is able to defend why abortion rights are pro-life. “During the first trimester a mass of relatively undifferentiated cells that exist as a part of a woman’s body” in other words, “It is not an independently existing biologically formed organism, let alone a person.” Logos is used by stating the facts and what is occurring within the body during the beginning of a pregnancy. According to these facts the fetus is not a person or even human, therefore it is not considered murder. It is the woman’s right to her life that gives her the right to terminate the pregnancy that is a fundamental principle of freedom. The fetus does not have any right because it is not considered an actual being. In many occasions it is not simply because the future mother does not desire the baby, there are many reasons to why abortion may be an option such as accidental pregnancy, rape, birth defects, or danger to her health. Being a parent is a full-time job and some are not fit financially, psychologically, or morally to raise a child.
In order to emphasize why abortion is wrong the author uses religion and pathos to create a feel of remorse and pity towards their actions and the baby. It is believed that “Honoring the life that God created is important not only for the baby’s sake, but for the woman’s sake especially during time of judgment.” By using religion to describe their beliefs, it makes you think twice about the choices you make. It can cause...


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