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Alternative Ending of Hatchet

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The Alternative Ending(of Hatchet)…
Chapter 19                                        
Yes. Finally, he got the survival pack.   I’ve changed, I’ve totally changed, Brian thought. A few nights before, he was as poor as a beggar, looking for food in the lonely woods. Now, he was like the president, having all the things that he needed to survive. He took out the survival things over and over again. He admired them, one by one, and then placed them neatly beside the wall. I’m so rich, so rich, Brian thought.   With all these items he could live for the rest of his life in the woods.
Although I have a lot of food, I have to be careful. Wait, not that careful yet. I’ll have a great feast, and then I’ll be careful. Brian chose a vegetable salad as a side dish, steak for the main dish, apple juice and a chocolate cake as desert. Boil the food in hot water, it said on the back of the packets.
He went to the river and got some water in a pot. How easy was this step? For nearly two months, Brian couldn’t do that. How long did it take for Brian to do such an easy step as that, carrying water in a pot?
When the food was ready, he placed them neatly in plates and a cup as if he went to a fancy French restaurant. Now he could eat food using a knife and fork. The steak tasted better than before, it was even better than the steak that was cooked by his mother.   He was so thirsty so he drank the apple juice in one big gulp. He ate the chocolate cake bit by bit to taste the sweetness inside the cake.
As Brian was packing up the dishes, he heard a howl.
Then he heard another howl.
Again, and again.
Then, the sound became closer.
The sound of the wolf’s foot thundered on the hard earth. Brian’s heart pounded faster, and faster. His brain stopped for a full minute, frozen. He had to think of something to do, to save his dear life. He flipped the survival pack inside-out.
Finally, the gun revealed itself. He took it, the only gun in the survival pack, and then adored it...


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