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Worrying for Stress

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The stress.

        I describe the stress as a big problem. The   stress is like a sickness that

don’t let people live at peace, it always has you worry about everything,

doctors attribute that the stress is one of   the causes of death.   The stress

affected my life in different ways: my school, house and my relationships, I

was 18 years when I felt the stress was killing me. I was worry about my

mom’s economy, she didn’t have enough money to pay everything; the

school, rent, phone. I felt bad that I couldn’t help her as I wanted do it.

I couldn’t go to school without think how I could help my mom with money,

I started looking for job every single day but   I couldn’t find any job, and

was in this point where the stress started being part of me, I felt useless. I

was always angry with no reason, I couldn’t take right decision for anything

because everything came over my head at the same time.

My mom saw my behavior and she asked me what was going on with me

and I told her everything that was in my head. She told me I didn’t have to

worry about it because her job was getting better. She made me understand

that we had to trust God. She told me that the best I could do was to be focus

in the school.

My mom decided to take vacations with my sister and me because we

needed be relax and she wanted take the stress away from our life. For
those reasons I think the stress can be fatal for a person and I describe the

stress   as a big problem.


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