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Stop Worrying and Start Living

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Worries worry us a lot. Worries make our life so weary. Worry walks with us and worn us out, But still we prefer to carry the load not actually realizing its burden.

There is sure to be a time when we realize the burden getting off our shoulders affecting both the physical and mental health. Physically we deteriorate & decline; mentally become feeble & flimsy.

What do we worry about?

We worry about tomorrow

We worry about failures

We worry about our children

We worry about our future life

We worry about troubles that we may encounter

We worry about our life and situations

We worry about people around us

We worry of getting old and pleasing others

We worry of recognition….. so on and so forth.

WORRY- It’s a longest bridge, we pick bundles of sticks to build the bridge which we never cross. We fret so much about yesterday that we keep eating all of today and tomorrows.

Worry is a combination of thoughts of fear, anxiety, stress, depression, frustration, irritation, dejection, dissatisfaction, disappointment, resentment, feel of defeat whose impact is all with a big shadow on life.

As a result we don’t feel inspired about ourselves, motivated towards life, energy flow is in its ceased state. Enthusiasm never sparkles, hope never shines, excitement is no where seen, our existence becomes a great fatigue.  

Sit back, relax and think again.. Life can never sink under the burden of a day. It is when tomorrow\'s burden is added to the burden of today that the weight is more than one can bear. Life gives you every minute which you can’t rewind or revoke, so it’s better to celebrate the journey rather than worrying about the potholes.

Best tips to quit your worrying habit:

Let our advance worrying become advance thinking and planning. Think constructively, be creative and innovative. It pays you back. ...


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