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Over the years, many researchers have made it their top priority to uncover how both men and women react to stressful situations, and believe it or not, women may handle stress better than men. Many researchers believe that “your response to stress may have to do with your gender than with the stressors you face” (Hendrickson, 2000). Some of the stressors may include, the recent death of a loved one, physical illness, job stress, and many other things. But the most common stressor is financial worries-especially with men.

“It is often the traditional role of breadwinner which is the source of stress for most men”   (Channel 4, 2002). Not being able to provide for ones’ family can be a heavy burden to carry around. Unfortunately, it is rare-if at all, men will seek help. Some men will choose to remain quiet, keeping all their troubles to themselves-which can be very detrimental to their health. Meanwhile other men would face their problems with hostility, and might even become angry and violent towards their family.

Long work hours also play a key role in stressful situations for men. Some men work eight to twelve hour days just to provide for their family. Sadly, “A decade of rising unemployment and economic slump has led increasing numbers of senior business executives to take their own lives rather than face the shame of failure” (Channel 4, 2002).

Unlike the men, “women have always been more up front in talking about the strains of

everyday life. Around twice as many women as men see their doctors about anxiety and depression” (Channel 4, 2002). As appose to the fight-or-flight response most common with males, women will often respond to stressful situations by seeking comfort in their friends and nurturing their young. This nurturing and seeking comfort response has been termed, “tend-and-befriend.”

“Social intimacy is very important as a way of offsetting the negative effects of stress...One of the things that women...


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