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The Effects of Stess on a Person's Life

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The effects of stress on a person’s life can be devastating.   It can affect every part of the body and make one feel alone and useless in the world they live in.   Essentially, while some stress can be good for life every now and then, major stress in one’s life can seem overwhelming.   While many people do not realize his simple fact, major amounts of stress can ruin one’s life if left out of control.   The effects of stress can have a debilitating effect on the life of its victim.

First, stress can cause the body physical harm.   Minor effects include increased sweating, nausea, or headache.   However, the more severe warning signs that stress is starting to affect the body is lack of energy.   This can lead to an overall feeling of tiredness, affecting performance at school or work.   Skin breakouts are another more severe effect of stress on the body.   These breakouts can be extremely painful, forcing the victim to endure an uncontrollable pain until the breakout subsides.   The physical pain of stress alone can be enough to cause one’s life to unravel.

Second, stress can cause mental strain and anguish on both one’s thoughts and feelings.   While feeling physically drained of energy, the mind begins to feel apathetic and restless.   Emotions are plagued by random mood swings, and one feels guilty for being stressed in the first place.   The emotional stress can leave one feeling insecure about one’s adequacy.   The effects of stress on the mind can leave a crippling effect.

Lastly, stress can cause one to act in strange ways.   Increased eating and drinking is one common effect.   This effect alters the whole body, because one not only eats more, buts gains weight and feels guilty about it.   Drug use is another behavior that is common in dealing with stress, which yet again, alters the whole body.   The guilt can cause one to blame his or her own inadequacy as well as the inadequacy of friends and family, causing one’s relationships to suffer.   These,...


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