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Agree or Disagree? Your Job Has More Effect on Your Happiness Than Your Social Life Does.

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Nowadays, people live in a busier world stuffed with endless routines from the work than that in the past. Besides the decent job that one might have, enjoying the wonderful and trustful social life are something worth pursuing as well. However, it seems that everyone in the workplace just wants to get his/her jobs done, and it is apparently that one always shares less interaction with people than that in the social life. Thereby, I disagree with the description above. To reinforce my statement, here are the reasons behind it.

First of all, for instance of mine, a regular job doesn’t occupy much of my personal time. There are over half of the day allowing me to live in the world out of the daily annoyed work. Therefore, I feel enjoyable to manage my social life. I get used to writing my personal blog, answering the questions that someone else leaves. I interact with huge variety of people, discussing with the latest trends in technology or society. Moreover, I meet different friends with wide diversity of characteristics in some atmospheric cafes nearby where I live. Those kinds of feelings of connecting with people truthfully rather than in the relationship of employees and employers always help me open my mind spontaneously to others.

Secondly, managing such a great social life grants me sense of achievement and happiness. Some may liken how successful the one could be in work to how much happiness can enjoy in life, but I am not on that side. A wonderful social life consists of tons of friends is something that can last longer, because there is always some day that we will leave our job. Without devoting much of our time then, we may acquire sense of loneliness if we don’t have a robust or trustworthy relationships with others. Friends made in the job is highly prone to lose connections when you and friends of yours no longer work together or share the same goal. Besides, the friendships built off work have those sort of conflicts less.



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