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Your Job Has More Effect on Your Happiness Than Your Social Life Does

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your job has more effect on your happiness than your social life

Happiness, a main goal of modern life, undeniable becomes the biggest concern of the world. An increasing number of people pay more attention on that one’s job or social life which has more influences on our happiness. Different people have view this issue in different angle. Nevertheless, I hold the idea that both my job and social life are important to my happiness and both of them serve indispensable functions.

To begin with, a secure job meets my fundamental demands. With a job, I can receive payment, which supports my personal expenses such as paying for a meal, purchasing a fashion dress, renew my apartment and so forth. All these are the security to ensure my independent life and the source of freedom and happiness. Without a job, it is impossible for me to live a happy life. In this case, indeed, my job enjoys a vital impact on my happiness.

Furthermore, social life, also a necessary part of modern life, has a profound effect on everyone. As far as I’m concerned, social life contains that keeping an inmate relationship with friends, family and co-workers. It would be hard to imagine if one have a terrible social life or even have no social life, how out-dated he or she will be and how tedious his or her life will be. Every year, I will spend my holidays traveling with my friends and family during which we can take beautiful photos and share private life stories with each other. These unforgettable memories are my lifelong measures and bring me endless happiness.

To sum up, my job and my social life serve as different benefits. And they are equally important and both beneficial to my happiness. My job meets the needs and expenses of my daily life, providing sufficient physical fundaments which are the security of a happy life. In addition, my social life allows me to keep a harmony relationship with friends and family and brings a source of happiness. In turn, both my job...


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