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Working with Medicaid

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Working with Medicaid
Christina Curless
May 26, 2011
Lisa Cheatham

Working with Medicaid
The Medicaid program was established to help people with their health care and their needs for their health. Also, it helps the low income people or families.
There are certain guidelines that have to be met to be eligible for Medicaid the requirements for people with low incomes. Every state has its own special set of guidelines for determining an individual’s eligibility and services for Medicaid. A few of the factors evaluated are disability, age, blindness, pregnancy, access to resource like bank accounts and property, and citizenship status. The income and resources are evaluated they are different in every state and among each group of people. The eligibility for children’s are determined from the child’s status and does not take the patients into consideration. For the disabled children who live are home and people who live in the nursing homes have special rules.
The Medicaid has the capability to send the bill to the patient if that person receives that there is no coverage for in the eligibility group to which that person belongs to. The patient also might have to pay for certain services, also on the rules of the state that they live in. The patient with Medicaid does cover all emergency services for them.
With the federal and state involvements in the insurance at the same time states are aided with regulations they follow the federal guidelines such as the poverty guidelines this is done to determine poverty for the purpose of welfare programs. The simultaneously allows the creation of a plan and specification of eligibility factors unique to every state. When a person is unable to qualify for Medicaid they might qualify for the state program that does not receive federal funding.


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