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Hoping for Peace

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English 101-1
Professor: Samantha Ventura
February 09, 2012
By: Kerene Nash

      CLACK…, POW, POW, was the sound of the gun shots that killed Alex’s father, followed by his mother’s scream “No! Please don’t kill us, please!” Alex’s mom was begging for their lives, the father was already dead;   the killer pointed the gun at Alex’s mom as she was lying on her husband dead body, and while Alex was looking from up the stairs, the robber shot the mom in the back of her head, killing her instantly. The gun shots were echoing in Alex’s ears, while the killer was grabbing everything he could carry, you could hear the rubble and the glass smashing the hardwood floor; his footsteps made loud thumps as he ran out the back door through the woods in the dark foggy afternoon. Alex could remember every second that happened that day. For years Alex was hunted by the tragic death of his parents; he would wake up screaming and hide under his bed, crying.
One night Alex woke up from a nightmare when the murder of his parent occur, he was gasping, and coughing like he was being choked. Being left behind, sent to an abusive foster home, then being a homeless kid in an abandoned warehouse, through getting adopted by an wealthy man, and becoming a successful man, by continuing his adopted father’s business, and keeping his promise to the homeless people by building 2 shelter home; Alex never got over the fact that his parent were assassinated. Every year Alex went to the graveyard to speak with his parents about how he would become successful, and that he wishes they were here and be proud of him. One afternoon after 37 years since the murder, Alex came across an idea; he decided to search for the murderer to kill him.
Next day Alex started searching for the murderer, he went to the police headquarters but they couldn’t help him, so he decided to go back to the crime scene, he also went to neighbors to ask question, no luck there at all, Alex was so frustrated...


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