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My Most Special Moment

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My most special moment.
The irksome screech of my bedside alarm clock pierced the air bringing me back to the rizened realm of reality. My hand darted out from underneath the irresistibly warm bed sheets and slapped the 'snooze' button with such a force that the stack of books it was perched upon fell to the ground with a clatter.
Rolling over to review the mess that i had just laid out in front of me I suddenly remembered what day it was...
"Sugar!" i exclaimed.
My eyes popped open within an instant creating the feeling that I’d never even been to sleep. I stat up and the cold sliced through me as if i was being stabbed with a thousand needles that only penetrated the first two layers of skin. The feeling faded when the cold got worse, into a forbidding kind of numbness - at that point all of my extremities felt swollen, clumsy, stiff and useless, as though there had been a layer of water pumped under my skin that dulled the sensation of touch.
Fighting the temptation to remain in bed I stood up in a fury - my eyes began to fuzz and my site disappeared, I began to sway and for a moment everything seemed uncontrollable. Lying back down on the bed I had to overcome the head rush and yet still find the will power to get up.
I took this as an opportunity to think about what I was going to wear...
I must have tried on everything in my wardrobe at least twice before I had decided what to wear eventually... I had clothes spread out across the floor in three different bedrooms; there were shoes - odd shoes - lying about the house in peculiar places and bracelets and necklaces all hanging out of the draws that I kept them in...
Walking downstairs I adjusted my clothing knowing what it was that was coming next, and as I walked past the kitchen I got the whole ear full. "What are you wearing?!", "It’s too cold to be going out like that! It’s the middle of winter", "if you get cold, you get a cold - you know what you're like".
Oh puh-lease... I thought to myself,...


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