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The Most Dangerous Game 10

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"The Most Dangerous Game"
by Richard Connell

The Most Dangerous Game is a story about hunting.   It is an exciting story with many plot twists.   One of the main characters is Sanger Rainsford.   Sanger Rainsford is a world famous hunter.   He has written a book about hunting snow leopards in Tibet.   At the beginning of the story, Rainsford and his companion are on a ship in the Caribbean Sea.   They are going to hunt big cats.   Soon, Rainsford ends up being the hunted instead of the hunter.   Sanger Rainsford is a strong, smart and brave man who survives a game that no one else has before.  
Rainsford is very strong.   He must be strong to be a famous hunter.   When Rainsford falls off the ship he has to swim in the ocean from where he fell in all the way to the rocks on the island.   The story says, "doggedly he swam in that direction swimming with slow, deliberate strokes, conserving his strength. For a seemingly endless time he fought the sea. He began to count his strokes; he could do possibly a hundred more..."   Rainsford also proves he is strong because he digs a pit by himself while running from the General and at the end he beats up and kills the General.
Rainsford is running for his life from the General.   He proves he is smart because he knows how to make three traps.   The first one is called a Malay Man catcher.   This trap injures General Zaroff in the shoulder.   General Zaroff tells him, "not many men know how to make a Malay Mancatcher."   The second trap is a Burmese Tiger Pit that kills one of the General's hounds.   The third trap kills the General's servant Ivan with a knife.   If Rainsford was not smart he would not have been able to make these traps.
The most important of Raisford's character traits is bravery.   He would have to be brave to hunt large animals like leopards.   He shows he is very brave at the end of the story when he actually gets into General Zaroff's bedroom and hides.   He knew that the General was hunting him but he still went...


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