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The New South Wales Department of Education and Training (NSW DET, 2009) implemented a revised Excursions Policy on 28 May, 2009, to outline the requirements for the management of excursions by all New South Wales schools and units of the Department (NSW Department of Education and Training, 2009).

This document clearly outlines the objectives of the policy, the applicability, the procedures and responsibilities to be followed in the organisation of school excursions and the context of excursions in the New South Wales school curriculum (NSW DET, 2009).   Some examples for which the policy document would have an impact are; a parent advises the school their child cannot attend the excursion due to the cost involved; a teacher delegates responsibility to a parent while on an excursion; or a student has an allergic reaction while on an excursion.  

Planning an excursion needs to take into account the relevant curriculum, the financial and material resources of the school and the needs of the individual students. By extending a student’s learning to include excursions the student is given a deeper sense of understanding of the learning material (Policy Objective 1.1). By providing their students with quality learning experiences, a teacher seeks to enhance their future education.

All students within their particular learning group must be given equal opportunities to participate in school excursions. Schools cannot discriminate against a student by denying them the same opportunities as others (Policy Objective 1.2).

The Department of Education is obligated under Common Law and the New South Wales Occupational Health and Safety Act 2000 to keep students safe while they are at school (Work Cover New South Wales, 2000). Supervising teachers are obligated to report any and all potentially harmful situations that may impact upon the health and safety of the students in their care (NSW Department of Community Services). This also applies to excursions which are...


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