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The Differences Between the Various Types of Insurance and Third Party Payers

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Thais Quinnia Hayes
Everest University
Medical Finance and Insurance-9
Professor: Campbell
February 24, 2012

      When choosing the right health insurance plan, it can be confusing and tiresome.     “Meaning, financial, single parent, unemployment, and health issues, there are numerous insurance holders who have a preference for one or the other. Health maintenance Organization (HMO) and Preferred Provider plans (PPO) both have their benefits but the disadvantages and drawbacks are nowhere near similar to each other. When it comes to giving out insurance to people

  If I had a choice to decide out of the two insurance healthcare coverage, I would choose PPO plan, Why, The PPO plan will give me a greater amount of the flexibility I need in choosing the doctor I want. In addition, a medical specialist,   I will have low co-payments as long I see a doctor within that network. Another benefit I will have with PPO is that   I would not need a primary care physician’s permission to see a specialist (as long as the specialist is within the network.

    When having HMO and PPO healthcare coverage, you will first have to know the primary care physician, In HMO the physician or   PCP, will be accountable for managing all of the patient medical care, and will also refer the patient to any expert specialist the patient might need. In PPO healthcare coverage, PPOs asks the patient to select a primary care general practitioner, they generally do not limit your contact to a specialists. The   best thing about it is, if you feel something goes wrong with your health, you can go to any doctor you wish.

    After reading and gathering all my information about HMO and PPO healthcare coverage, I can honesty say. Both are good insurance companies to have, It just depends on the patient. Health, finance and how often they get sick.

Insurancespecialists (2011) HMO vs. PPO...


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