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Becoming a Teen Mother

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Teenage pregnancy
Becoming a Teen Mother
“A Bright Future is still possible”
Catherine Bullock

                            “Becoming a Teen Mom”
Becoming a Mother, one of life’s greatest experiences! This story involves my three children, Elijah 14, Aliyah 3, and Trinity 1. Became a teen mother at the age of 19 years old, yes I was a teen mom. I found out that I was pregnant, at the end of April 1996; I had an appointment schedule with my family doctor, to get my birth control which at the time was Depo-Provera. My Mom and myself sat in the patient waiting room for the nurse to come in with the shot, “Miss Owens there’s a problem”, ok “what’s the problem”, “your pregnancy results read positive”. I looked at my mom and began to burst out in tears, as my heart dropped to my stomach. My mom looked at me and said, “Well I already Knew”, “I wish you would have told me”, I replied. This is when my life totally changed; at just the tender age of 18 I found out I was pregnant with my first child. In June of 1996 I was due to graduate, whom I did but unlike most high school seniors I was not preparing for college, but preparing for the life of a teen mom. This was a very disappointing thing that had happened to me, I was the third child of four that came from parents who had been high school sweethearts that were married for 18 years. This is why becoming a teen mom had been do devastating for me, I was supposed to be graduated from high school, have a wonderful career, and married before having any children. Because of the decisions I made as a teenager, to have a boyfriend and have unprotected sex, my consequence was having a baby out of wedlock, which in turn caused me to make drastic changes in my future life plans. This story is very important to me, it allows me to think longer, a more rational when thing, and situation come up in my life, that will change my future for every weather good or bad. I have become a...


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