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Live to Enjoy

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Sometimes, life is simple. Yet many people prefer to complicate their lives. Day by day, people communicate, work, eat and survive. Just four short words but people only seem to multiply it up into many different parts. They were mostly positive, but not less of them impact negatively on life. In my opinion, living is very simple. Beside four words above, you just need to enjoy who you are. That’s how easy it is.
Life is limitless, but the time we can live in it is limited. Instead of tighten your life to any strict rules that are needles for you. Why don’t you just do what you want? The oldest person in the world is Jeanne Calment. She had 122 years to exist in this life. There’s not even 50 people can live this long. The human average age is 67 years old. Just only 67 years! Subtract with 18 years of being control by our parent, we have 49 year to live by our self. So will you live 49 year by rules made by your parent or from someone else? You love singing so much, but your parent says that singer was not a good job, you should choose business. Will you do it? Do you think you can handle 44 years( 49 subtracted with 5 years of college) with the job your parent choose for you which you are not good at it or simply say you don’t like it, it is not even interesting to you. People need passion in their work to do it well. Then when you old, you don’t have what you want, your job doesn’t go well and you look back: “What if…?” One of the most important things in my life that I have learned is:” There’s no if in anyone life!” Things has passed any just know that it will never go back. I have to admit that many people don’t know what to choose for them in different cases. If you cannot choose a way after thinking deeply, just choose what you like! Maybe it will become bad, maybe it is a bad decision, but at least, you have chosen what you like.
When you live, be respectful, don’t be scared! What is the different? For example, Mr. A is a person who...


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