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How to Survive Boot Camp

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How to survive boot camp

Boot camp is designed to do three basic things: break the soldier down emotionally, instill Army values, and build the recruit back up.   After graduating basic training the newly promoted private will feel like he has acquired a second family that is dependable and trustworthy.   This is the purpose of the first nine weeks in the military, and surviving camp is a lot easier if the trainee is aware of what he is getting into ahead of time.
Known as the “patriot phase” the first four weeks of camp the grunt will be training constantly and attending numerous military classes.   The drill sergeant’s main objective is to break the G.I down by little sleep and strenuous physical activities such as push-ups, sit-ups, and running.
The following three weeks are called the “gunfighter phase”, the marksman will spend a lot of time at the range qualifying for the Armed forces test, shooting the machine gun and throwing grenades. Next, the soldier will start his bivouac, which consists of going to the field for a week learning how to build a foxhole, maneuvering exercises, and field sanitation procedures.
“Warrior phase” is the last and final stage of boot camp, the troop will feel like a different person and wonder where time went as he enters this stage.   The Private will take a physical fitness test and laugh as he is running through obstacle courses getting covered in dirt and mud.   During the last week the harassment from the drill instructors lessens and the focus shifts to preparing for graduation.
Finally graduation day is here, the recruit feels honored, proud and in the best shape of his life.   He will make friends that last a life time and feel like they have been through hell and back together.   Marching down that parade field to graduate, the grunt is no longer who he was a mere 8 weeks ago, he is now an Army soldier.


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