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Volleyball Definition Essay

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Effective Outlining
Brainstorming: List the major concepts/ideas related to your topic. Under each, free-write words or phrases related to those concepts/ideas.-The major concepts and ideas in my topic are to how to explain the importance of the volleyball vocabulary words, and to let the reader know what each word means. Dig, set, and spike are the three main vocabulary words used in my essay. Dig, set, kill, positions, description of how to do each movement.
Listing difficult questions: Make a list of a few questions related to your topic that you think would be very challenging to answer. Your thesis should come from one of these questions so that it represents both a topic AND an assertion.- What do the three main words dig, set, spike in volleyball mean? How do they work? Why should I know the words?
Identify your audience: In one complete sentence, describe the audience for whom this piece of writing is intended. - The audience I’m intending to inform would be people who want to get into the sport, or young girls just getting into volleyball.
Decide on your organizational plan: Will you structure your paragraphs in chronological order, description, criteria, categorical order, order of importance, order of appeals? In one complete sentence explain which organizational plan you will use.- I will organize my paragraphs, and essay in description, and categorical order.
Outlining the body:  
***You may have 3 body paragraphs or more. In a compare and contrast essay, you may only have 2 body paragraphs—one for similarities and one for differences. Why do we choose 3 body paragraphs in the first place? Perhaps we feel 3 reasons is enough proof to win an argument.
I. -Dig
A. Provide details, proof, and/or appeals, which support your main point.
1. Analysis of point. Explain to the reader how to dig the ball, and what digging in the sport is.
B. More details.   “the digger quickly moves her feet and arms to the position the ball is...


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