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Poverty in the Developed World

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Poverty in Canada
Poverty is a difficult concept to measure precisely. It can be a term applied to an individual or a group, can relate to a geographical region or be associated with a division between rural and urban life. Homeless people could be said to live in poverty. They are often individuals who have a medical or mental condition, have suffered physical or sexual abuse in the home from which they have escaped or have lost family connections through bereavement or through other reasons. Whilst there are common factors in homelessness, each person will be an individual case.
The group aspect to poverty mainly rests on families. But what do we mean by a family? Is a family a single mother with two children? A married couple with two children? A widowed father with three children? Clearly there is no single answer. For the purposes of the analysis, therefore, we will have to establish a definition of the type of family we are focusing on. The Virtual Economy allows you to be able to do this.
What does this family look like? We might have a stereotypical image of such a family but in many cases it is probably quite important to understand the features and characteristics of such families because this might affect the detail of the policy we adopt.
For example, it might be useful to know the type of accommodation these families tend to live in, whether there are geographical factors involved, how much tobacco and alcohol consumption is typical of such families, how they spend their leisure time, their qualifications and so on.

Poverty in Canada is defined as a state in which income is insufficient to provide basic necessities such as food, shelter, and clothing. There are two different types of poverty; absolute and relative. In absolute poverty insufficiency means severity whereby life is threatened. In relative poverty insufficiency is substantially greater than that of most others in the society.
The government of Canada has not got any mandatory...


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