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Technical Writing

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Technical writing is the practical writing that people do as a part of their job. Its main aim is to get the work done and to change people by telling them a specific way for doing something that is technical. There are many aspects of technical writing e.g. memos, reports, invitation proposals, user manuals etc and each of them has a specific way of writing. Writing a technical document is not as easy, as it is to write an essay. A writer of a technical document must find out many things before starting his writing and during his writing he must remember some points which will help him to create a good technical document.
A technical writer writes a technical document for a specific person or a group of people meaning that every technical document has its own specific readers or audience. So a writer must keep his audience in his mind while writing a document. He must find out certain things about his audience. Like, he must find out about the knowledge level of his audience and he should write his document like this that his audience can easily understand what the writer is saying. He must use simple words in his document and the most important of all, he should not mix his writing with his emotions and in every part of his writing he must be honest to his audience. A technical writer also uses many methods to make his audience understand his document e.g. he uses Top-Down Method (putting the main idea first), he makes Headings and Chunks and can also include any Visual aid so that it gets the reader’s attention quickly.  
In essays or any other expressional writing the reader has the right to write anything in his document. But in technical writing as the purpose of the writer is to inform or instruct a reader about a specific technical matter, that’s why a technical writer must use sentence structures and words which focus the reader’s attention to relevant facts. The writer is fully responsible for his document because the readers expect to find in your...


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