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Conflict in Communication Between Teenagers and Parents and Learning How to Build Stronger Relationships

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Conflict in Communication between Teenagers and Parents and Learning How to Build Stronger Relationships

The purpose of this paper is to determine the conflicts of parent/teenager communication and to develop a b better understanding from parents’ standpoint.   Teenage years can be difficult for many families. Because I can personally relate to this situation I would like to analyze the relationship of my oldest, Derek (13), my husband, and me.  
There are many conflicts in communication that arise through the raising of a teenager.   Even with the best intentions, parental nagging, criticisms (constructive/non- constructive) and harsh language end up as roadblocks for a good parent/child relationship. At this time young people are developing ideas, values, and beliefs that may be different than parents.   This is an example of the separation process.   It is normal and healthy for a teen to distance themselves from parents and family in order to gain their own individuality.   Communication becomes broken down and self-image changes through this natural stage. A time of Differentiation and Experimentation is where teenagers are trying new individual images.   Often as parents, we do not agree with some of these choices, but it is a vital time to these young adults to grow and learn. This may also lead to opposition which is the process of challenging parental authority.   Both parties disagree about what is acceptable, fair, good, or bad.   Disagreement can easily become a way of life.
Good communication is vital for strong relationships between parents and adolescents.   In effective communication there are hurdles and roadblocks that are crucial to avoid.   For instance nagging, yelling, and fighting can rapidly deteriorate the conversation.   Trying to force compliance makes the party feel under attack and on the defensive.   When communicating try to listen to your teenager efficiently and now how to talk so that your teenager will listen.
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