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An Assessment of My Inherited Communication Behaviors

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Alex Bobotis
SPCM 1500
MWF 3:35-4:25
An Assessment of My Inherited Communication Behaviors
      We are in a constant state of learning.   We take in the environment around us, and it ultimately has a strong influence on the kind of person that we become.   This is especially true in the family aspect of our lives.   In our adolescent years, we watch every move of our mothers and fathers, taking in anything they do.   Who we are is largely determined by our genetic makeup and is expressed through personality traits, but learned behaviors from our surroundings also play an important part.   It is obvious, then, that our parents are the primary sources of these learned behaviors.   Growing up, we observe and perceive countless conversations and interactions that our parents participate in.   In many instances, we take the characteristics that we observe and make them our own, and they eventually show up in our communication patterns.   Although my communication behavior partly stems from my personality traits, much of my ability to communicate can be traced to the behavior of my parents.
      My mother, Stella Bobotis, was born and raised in Greenville, South Carolina.   I thoroughly enjoy listening to her speak; she has just the right amount of Southern drawl on her accent.   My mother is a very efficient and effective communicator.   When she speaks, she seems to have a certain flow and organization to her words that I have always admired.   The words and manner in which she uses to communicate are clear and comprehensible.   Rarely will I see my mother encounter someone and there be any sort of confusion as to what is being said.   While my mother’s communication methods have had an impact on my verbal communication, her biggest influence has been on my writing.   During my middle and high school years, I would often ask my mother to proofread my papers and correct them.   I would always hand her the paper thinking I had done a good job, and little or no changes...


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