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How to Quite Smoking

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With all the latest research and statistics bombarding Americans today
about the consequences and deadly risks of smoking, why do they still
have such a difficult time trying to "shake the habit" (of smoking),
biologically, psychologically, and from a social standpoint?

The important reason with nicotine is that the drug helps the user
maintain his or her daily routine, especially at work. We have some
telling information about smoking in the workplace. In the early
1970s, British researchers T.W. Meade and N.J. Wald asked some 3,600
workers to detail when they actually smoked cigarettes from the time
they awoke until they went to bed.”

“Electroencephalograph studies show that nicotine generally arouses
human beings. Give a subject a dose of nicotine and his brainwave
activity will increase in frequency, a sign of increased arousal.
However, we also have some evidence that nicotine sedates or depresses
smokers, depending on the dosage and environment.”

“Smoking — Why Is It So Hard to Quit?”

“Nicotine is in all tobacco products. It makes you feel calm and
satisfied. At the same time, you feel more alert and focused. The more
you smoke, the more nicotine you need to feel good. Soon, you don't
feel "normal" without nicotine. It takes time to break free from
nicotine addiction. It may take more than one try to quit for good.”

“Online Guide to Quitting”

“A UC Irvine College of Medicine study reveals for the first time the
underlying brain mechanisms that link personality traits to nicotine

“It has been long established that hostile personality traits are
related to cigarette dependency and smoking cessation difficulties.
Now UCI researchers have found that in people who have aggressive
personalities nicotine triggers significant brain activity in the
areas that help control social response,...


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