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Dangers of Smoking

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Smoking is promoted and publicised as one of the most dangerous addictions that life has to offer. There are studies that say that smoking is worse for you than several illegal drugs, and others that say when combined with alcohol, smoking can severely lower your life expectancy. Smoking has been labelled a prime suspect for causing certain types of deadly diseases as well as damaging you both physically and mentally. Smoking can also hinder your personal life and relationships in numerous ways which makes it much more dangerous than originally meets the eye. Exactly what are some of the hidden dangers of smoking that you may not be aware of?

Some of the more common causes are smoking are heavily promoted by the mainstream media. these include a heightened risk of cancer to the lungs and the throat from inhaling and literally breathing the deadly toxins that are accompanied by the nicotine boost you get from smoking. Of course, causing cancer is not the only risk of smoking as studies have shown increases in blood pressure and related heart illnesses such as heart disease and heart attacks.

Smoking is a very versatile addiction when it comes to its downfalls in the midst of taking in the nicotine buzz, and not all of its downfalls are deadly, but the ones that are not are simply unattractive. Smoking makes you stink. Smoke will be caught in your hair and in your clothes and linger on your skin for hours and hours, sometimes even after you have had a shower or a bath to clean up. It will linger on your breath and stain your nails and your teeth, as well as giving you a hideous smokers cough, all of which when combined, is simply repulsing and is therefore not good for your personal relationships.

While cinema and movies may depict smoking as a seductive habit to have, one that the femme fatales use to lure in men, in general, they fail to depict the solid facts. Smoking, as much as it would like to be, is simply not attractive in any way. If you...


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