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A Successful Relationship

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Abdullah Alnamlah
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Cause/effect essay

A Successful Relationship

Do you know that the most common time for breakups in the United States is around three to five months? How can the couple develop a good relationship and make it till marriage or even till death splits them apart, there are three causes for a successful relationship, which are, compassion, caring and understanding.
The first important cause for a successful relationship is compassion, each one of the couple in the relationship need to show compassion for the other couple, showing compassion can lead the relationship to be happy and successful. One of the actions of showing compassion is listening deeply to your partner even if the subject is not interesting to you. For example, one of the couple he or she have a problem in work, if the other person didn’t show compassion it will lead to more problems in the relationship. Both of them need to show compassion all the time not just in hard times.
The second important cause for a successful relationship is caring, the couple needs to care about each other and bring more effort in the relationship to live happily with no problems what so ever, there are some cases that one person needs to pay more attention and care more to the other person such as pregnancy and quitting a job, maintaining and respecting each other's individuality is also a big cause for a healthy stabled relationship.
The third important cause for a successful relationship is understanding, which means here is understanding everything that the other couple does or doesn’t. For example, showing interest in the other couple’s activity is understanding the hobby or activity that the other couple does or plays, this can lead to be able to feel secure and comfortable in the relationship.
In conclusion, these are three causes of a healthy and a successful relationship, which is compassion, caring and understanding, we think sometimes it is easy to...


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