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Rednecks vs Gangsta Two Oddly Similar (and Horrible) Subcultures

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Rednecks Vs Gangstaz: two oddly similar (and horrible) subcultures

Rednecks, A culture full of white-trash, dirt poor, racist hicks. Gangstaz, A community that is predominately coloured and that enjoys flashy jewelry, or “ice” as well as low rider tuner cars and a “thuggin’” lifestyle. One wouldn’t normally consider these two relatable, but upon looking deeper, it can be seen that while these two subcultures differ greatly on the exterior, gangstaz and rednecks share many common traits. The underlying connections between these two groups teach a valuable lesson in how people shouldn’t make judgments, and are just plain funny to think about.
Both of these groups can easily defined by the music that they listen to. The twangy guitars, and sing-song-y vocals associated with country music, appeal ever so much to rednecks, while the heavy bass and baritone raps of hip-hop strike a chord with gangstaz. To start by looking at hip-hop one notices first and foremost it’s lyrical content. Stories of gang violence, objectification of women, and countless references to drugs and alcohol use permeate into almost every hip-hop artists’ music, From Tupac, to Flo-Rida, Eminem to Ice Cube, the music consistently speaks of subjects frowned upon by the average American citizen. Gangstaz appreciate this though, and do their best to emulate it. In Hip-Hop the main focus of the music is on the vocals, there is usually little to no instrumentation other than a drum beat and maybe some synths, and even so the vocals always play the pivotal role in the music, and their prominence usually has them tell a distinctive story. This emphasis on vocals also leads the music to be under a single artists’ name, rather than a group. While there are some rap groups such as N.W.A. or Doomtree, Most Hip-hop music comes from a singular artist Such as 50 Cent, or Kid Rock.
      Country also has a large emphasis on the vocals rather than the instrumentation. Instruments are more crucial to country...


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