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Impact Crusher Advantages Analysis

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1. The impact crusher can handle large moisture content of materials, to prevent clogging of the crusher
When the materials has excessive moisture, the crusher feed chute and back plate can be equipped with a heating device to prevent the bonding of materials. The crusher shall be equipped with the bottom of the sieve can effectively prevent the clogging. The hammer crusher can not use the heating mode to prevent the bonding of materials, and shall be equipped with the bottom of the sieve plate, increasing the possibility of clogging.

2. Impact Crusher is not only suitable for soft materials , also applicable to very large hardness of materials
Crusher board hammer with a mechanical clamping structure is firmly fixed on the rotor, when the great moment of inertia with the rotor rotates. Hammer crusher (hammer was overhanging), impact crusher rotor has greater momentum to adapt to crushing hard materials, have lower energy consumption.

3. Crusher can be flexibility in adjusting the size of outputting feed, regulate a wide range

Impact Crusher can by a variety of ways to adjust the granularity of the material, such as the regulation of the speed of the rotor, adjust the clearance of the back plate and the grinding chamber. Gap adjustment can be mechanical or hydraulic adjustment, hydraulic adjustment system can be easily adopted by the local operation buttons or remote controls system to complete the gap adjustment. Hammer crusher to adjust the granularity of the material can only be implemented by replacing the bottom of the sieve.

4.Crusher spare parts easy to replace and the corresponding reduced maintenance costs

Crusher installed on the rotor, only six board hammer, special tools can be easily board hammer replacement, the replacement of a board hammer just a time shift. The bottom of the grinding chamber grinding stick replacement only takes tens of minutes, greatly reducing the time and cost of repair and maintenance. Hammer crusher hammer...


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