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Impact of the Camera in the Us

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The Impact of the Camera and Photography in the U.S.
In the early 16th century, just the thought of having a device with the ability to capture and store a moment in time forever seemed impossible to pretty much everyone. Nowadays, that device is used on a day to day basis by practically everyone. The camera has affected countless lives in the U.S. since the first one, called the Camera Obscura, was invented in 1685 by Johann Zahn (“History of the Camera”). From taking family pictures to viewing the surface of Mars, the camera has made a huge impact on the way we perceive things.
The first instance of people being aware of photography was in 5th century China. A Chinaman named Mo Ti observed that when light rays of an illuminated matter are reflected through a dark area, it produces an inverted but identical copy (“Who Invented the Very First Camera?”). This observation led to every other version of the camera, even the high-tech digital cameras we use today have the same general feature. The Camera Obscura mentioned earlier was square one for photography, normally it was only used for painters to help them see a superimposed image on a piece of paper, helping them to draw or paint it in more detail (“History of the Camera”). And the final step towards modern photography was achieved by Joseph Niepce in 1827, he succeeded in making the very first photographic image by letting light draw the picture. Niecpe placed an engraving onto a metal plate coated in bitumen and exposed it to light, only the whiter areas on the plate allowed light to react with the chemicals. After being placed in a solvent, over the course of about 8 hours, an image would appear, but would soon fade away (“History of Photography”).
In 1888, the first camera that was meant for photography only was released to the public. This camera was named the “Kodak” by George Eastman who invented it and the film paper that is used to capture the photos. He named it the Kodak because it is a unique...


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