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Impact of Technological Advancement

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Scientist began experimenting with means of transmitting sound at a distance in the late 17th century, and society has been using the fruits of their labors to communicate since the early 19th century. Winston, (1998).The telegraph, telephone, radio, television all are communication technologies that have been in use for anywhere from 60 to 200 years ago. Through these technologies, one can obtain entertainment, knowledge, political updates, and information to expand their understanding of the world around them. For these reasons, it is clear that technological advancement plays an increasingly important and central role in many people’s daily lives. However, like the proverbial statement, “there are two sides to a coin”- technological advancement has its disadvantages too for example: prejudice and stereotyping of others based on other’s media habits as shall be discussed below.
The invention of the printing technique by Gutenburg of Mainz in Germany in 1450 permitted the storage of large amounts of information hence with the spread of books, more and more people learned how to read and write thus their thinking was no longer   limited by the church and the government. As such new political and religious ideas began to circulate in society. Steinberg (2009).
Besides that, communication technologies put the world at your fingertips. Being able to communicate faster and cheaper with other countries makes people more knowledgeable about world affairs. One can now enroll in an online University or College, and talk with your Professor through the internet. People are able to instantly pass on important information during emergencies and disasters. Thus, technological advancement has impacted positively on human communication.
Communication technologies such as web cameras, cell phones, email make global communication more efficient and economical. Through email, cell...


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