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Technology's Effect on Communication and Emotion

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Technology’s effect on communication and emotion 1  
Technology’s effect on communication and emotion 2
the impact that technology has on communicating. Also, how gender roles and self-help are impacted by technological advances, which continue to be on the up rise. The methodology used in this paper will be a content analysis of secondary sources of qualitative and quantitative articles.
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Television has a strong impact on interpersonal communication. Relaxing in front of the television has traditionally been a favourite pastime of the masses. However, instead of controlling, we have instead allowed the television to gain control of our lives. The television has become a convenient substitute for family interaction time. This is the time where families would have spent quality time together, socializing and talking. However, this has been replaced by television programs which engage one or more of the family members thus reducing the social interaction between them. Today, it is common for people to plan activities around television programs. This has reduced the communication between parents and their children due to the lack of quality time spend together. (Bugeja, 2005) The bond is weakened as compared with previous generations and this has a profound impact on society as a whole. As popular as television has been in our lives, it is rapidly becoming outdated and being replaced by computers and surfing on the internet.
Technology’s effect on communication and emotion 5
Technology’s effect on communication and emotion 6
industry; because millions of people are buying into the idea that peace and empowerment can be bought. Which is not possible to gain through technology, peace and empowerment is found through community.
“People bringing their work life home with them via blackberry’s, laptops, cell phones, etc are the people that are...


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  1. Technology's Effect On Communication And Emotion
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