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Does Technology Help Us Communicate or Make Us Move Isolated and Alone

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Does Technology Help Us Communicate or Make Us Move Isolated and Alone

    Technology deeply influences human and it has become a part of our daily lives. We can find technology in school, offices, hospitals, communities and pretty much everywhere. Technology has helped us communicating effectively, doing our work easily, and also getting information quickly.
    Back then people communicate with one another by writing each other letters, and this process took a longer time for each person to receive and reply to the letters sent by their partners. But now due to the advancement of technology people can communicate immediately by cell phones. Nowadays, most of people have cell phone so we can connect other people instantly. I also have my cell phone with me almost all the time. If I forgot to bring my cell phone one day, I would feel very nervous. I would worry about someone has something emergency but he or she couldn’t connect me. That’s very terrible. My mother doesn’t have cell phone. It’s not easy to contact her if she is not at home, so having cell phone is much more convenient. In recent years, cell phones have more and more functions, such as taking pictures, listening to music, watching videos, playing games, and surfing on the internet. We can share our feelings or some funny pictures and videos to our friend right away. That makes our lives more interesting.
    Technology has also helped us in doing our work without difficulty. People can do their work easily now due to the use of technology and I think is a very good progress in technology. Back then people usually use type writers to type papers and any mistake they made, they had to start all over again, but with the advancement of technology people now use computers. These computers have in built grammar check which corrects the typing errors you make. Also you can cut and paste if you forget to add or want to make adjustment instead of typing all over again. This has made people complete...


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