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Free essay on tourism in India

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Free essay on tourism in India
Jasvir Essay [->0]
"If you have money take an air ticket and see the world". So goes the modern adage. Every country goes out of its way to welcome the tourists and attract the maximum number of them, not out of the idea of pure hospitality, but for its own profit. The tourists bring the much needed foreign exchange. Also personal contacts between the foreigners and the natives lead to better understanding and present a better image of the country to the world at large. Even the countries behind the iron curtain like China and Russia are opening out their doors to tourists. Some tourists write books on the Countries they visit and others write articles for the newspapers. Those who have no such literary talents recount their experiences of their journey in lectures are talks to friends.
In the remote past, famous travelers visited India to study knowledge and culture of the land and their memories are invalu-able sources of history. The Chinese traveler Fa-Hien visited India from 399 to 414 A, D. during the reign of Chandra Gupta II. Another Chinese traveler Hieun Tsang was in during 629-645 A.D. during the time-of King Harsha Vardlan. Those were the days of hazardous journeys full of risk and adventures. These travelers traversed the Himalayas to reach India. India would have been poorer but for their visits. They not only took knowledge and manuscripts from India, they spread the learning and fame of India in the wide world. We learn many things about our own country from these foreigners.
But whereas the travelers of old spent years in the countries they visited, travelers today come on a flying visit. They are in a hurry. They come not so much in quest of knowledge, they are on a sight-seeing-cum-entertainment tours. They want to visit new places and countries, they come to have a good time. It is fashionable to go on world tours, if one can afford it. Foreign travel is a status symbol. The airplane and the wireless have made the...


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