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Power Crises in Pakistan

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“Power crises in Pakistan”
    Pakistan is in the grip of severe power crisis. Followings are some solution of power crisis in Pakistan. In the 1990s two approaches were postulated by power experts to tackle power shortages of developing countries.
The private sector should be allowed to set up power plants with their own equity and loans based on project feasibility with the government’s role limited to determining a fair price of power through an independent commission of representatives of the government, citizens, industry, power producers and experts by consensus. This model was advocated for developing countries where corruption is rampant.
The second model was for countries with less corruption where the government would regulate and control power production while guaranteeing fuel supply for power plants through individual agreements. Thus the government would retain control over the power supply network.
Unfortunately, the then government chose the second approach for obvious reasons resulting in the present power crisis. Instead of resorting to lip-service, concrete planning to supply uninterrupted power at reasonable tariffs is essential for industrial and economic growth.
  There are many power crises:
  * Electricity load shedding
  * Natural Gas shortage
  * Water shortage
Electricity load shedding:
Recently the worst power shortage and load shedding in response hit the country. The power requirement of country in these days is about 16500 Mega Watts (MW) but the production is down to all time low in recent times which is just 7500 MW. In response the electricity load shedding of hours is being observed all over the country.
Most affected in recent times are the business people and industries, which are all shut down due to power outages. Common people who rely on power for their living are most affected and furious; hence loads of people have hit the roads once again to remind the current government of Pakistan Peoples Party...


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