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Energy Crises in Pakistan

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INTERMEDIATE EXAMINATION, 2013 (ANNUAL) Date: 22.05.2013 9:30 a.m. to 9:50 a.m.
The correct answers are highlighted in red colour.


Max. Marks: 17 Time: 20 minutes


i) ii) iii) iv)

This section consists of 17 part questions and all are to be answered. Write this Code No. in the Answerscript. Each question carries one mark. Do not copy down the part questions in your answerbook. Write only the answer in full against the proper number of the question and its part. The code number of your question paper is to be written in bold letters in the beginning of the answerscript. The use of scientific calculator is allowed. All notations are used in their usual meanings.


Select the most appropriate answer for each from the given options: i) ii) iii) When an A.C. generator is converted into a D.C. generator, the slip ring is replaced by: * an inductor * a field coil * a split ring * The diode which gives off visible light when energized, is called: * LCD * Photo-diode * LED The Kinetic energy per mole of a gas is: * iv) v) * a dynamo

Photo voltaic diode

3 KT 2




2 KT 3


3 RT 2

When an electron falls from the 3rd orbits to the 1st orbit in the Hydrogen atom, the lines spectrum obtained belongs to: * Bracket series * Lyman series * Balmer series * Paschen series A wire of uniform cross-sectioned area is cut into three equal segments. The resistivity *

 of each segment will be:

1  3


2  3


same as the whole wire



This was the first experimental verification of Einstein’s mass-energy relation: * Deutron-induced reaction * Protons-induced reaction * Gama induced reaction * none of these Meter bridge is used to measure: * electric current * voltage * resistance * * capacitance Potential energy

vii) viii) ix)

The sum of all the energies of the...


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