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Attention Be Paid to Mining Machines Safety Test

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Be serious with mining machinery safety test

When mining machines are used for a period of time, we should do standing test and maintenance, so that we can guarantee machine safety operation and prolonging service life. As for flotation separator maintenance, the general provision is that overhaul every 12 years for, 2 times one year for medium maintenance. And for minor repair, generally two times one year. But when comes to the bad working conditions, the minor repair should be four times one year.

Points for attention when starting mining equipment:

Knife gate operator should stand by the side. When starting mining equipment, no person should be around. In order to prevent arc burn, operators are required to comply with the operation rules in these situations, such as starting machine, using double knife start machine, star point or auto-voltage-reduced starting.

When several sets of machines start at a time, operators should start one by one and from large ones to small ones. If you have to start one machine several times, you must obey the relative operation rules and shall leave appropriate stop time. In order to prevent overheated, the number of successive starting times shall not exceed 35.

When coming across abnormal operation sound, or machine stop working or slowly rotating once started, the operators shall constantly stop machine for test.

Regular testing of mining machinery
1. Observe the machine overheated phenomena. 2. Observe equipment amperage rating. 3. Pay attention to the change of power voltage. 4. Watch the equipment vibrating condition. 5. Watch the unbalance degree of three-phase voltage and three-phase currents. 6. Pay attention to sound and smell of equipment operation.

Watch out for machine stop accident. When that of things happened, you should cut off power at once. If one of following things happened to your machines, please stop machine for test.
1. Personal injury accident happens when operation. 2. The...


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