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Mnemonics and Ways to Improve

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Memory is the primary and fundamental power, without which there could be no other intellectual operation - Samuel Johnson.
1. The word mnemonic is derived from the Ancient Greek word mnēmonikos, meaning "of memory" and is related to Mnemosyne i.e. "remembrance", the name of the goddess of memory in Greek mythology. Mnemonics in antiquity were most often considered in the context of what is today known as the Art of Memory. Acronyms like EFT MADRAS or MP DEWARST or remembering number of days in month using the knuckles must have brought some nostalgia among your thought process. These are just a few examples of practical manifestation of mnemonics in our day to day life. Research has proved that students who regularly used mnemonic devices inc test scores up to 77%.  
2. To acquaint with the concept and appl of Mnemonics.  
3. I shall be covering the topic in the sequence as flashed. In order to keep you all involved I shall be using the first form of addressing instead of conventional third form.  
  a. The concept.
  b. Commonly used Mnemonics techs.
  c. Limitations of Mnemonics.
  d. Means to improve memory using Mnemonics tech.
The Concept
4. With the evolution of the sciences and learning techniques Mnemonics was further evolved and today it is known as the study and dev of sys for improving and asst the memory. A mnemonic, or mnemonic device, is any learning technique that aids info retention. Mnemonics aims to translate info into a form that the human brain can retain better and even the process of applying this conversion might already aid the tfr of info to long-term memory.
5. Fundamental Principles Underlying the Use of Mnemonics. The fundamental principles are imagination, association and location. These can be used to generate powerful mnemonic systems. These will be further explained when we will look at the Mnemonic techniques.
  a. Imagination. It is what you use to...


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