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Women should have equal roles in Christianity

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a) What is prejudice?   2                                                                                                                                            
b) Do you think women should have equal rights in religion? Give two reasons for your point of view.       4          
c) Explain why some people give equal roles to women in religion and some do not 8                                       8    

d) “Women should have equal roles in Christianity”.                                                                                          

i Do you agree? Give reasons for your opinion.   3                                                                                
ii Give reasons why some people may not agree with you.   3                                                              
a) Prejudice is to believe that some people are inferior or superior without even knowing them.
b) It is wrong to deny women equal rights in religion because (1)   as a Christian, I believe that man and woman stand together and side by side before God as equals. Every person is endowed with their own special qualities which make us all unique and valuable. (2) In addition I also think that to deny a woman equal rights in religion is to be patronising and bullying and this in itself is fundamentally wrong.
c) Traditional Protestant Christians teaches that Men and women have separate and different roles. Women bring up children and run a Christian home; they must not speak in church and must submit to their husbands. Some say women should cover their heads in church. Men should provide for their family and lead the family in religion and only they can be church leaders and teachers. They think this because: In the Bible St Paul says women should not teach/speak in church, the Bible says Adam was created first and point out that Jesus’ ‘Twelve Disciples’ were men. Modern Protestant Christians teaches that men and women are equal and should therefore...


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