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Old Man on the Run

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The Old Man On The Run   |
English assignment |

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Reem Haddad is a 15 year old girl who attends Alamanah College she is a tenth grader. She is born on 13th January 13 1997. Her family consists of 5 member 1 sister her name is Ranean her older brother Hassan, her younger brother Mustafa and her 2 parents Zeinab and Ali. Playing sport and staying active is something she really enjoys doing in her spare time. Life to her means friends and family “who you can trust and who trust you” is what she always says and follows. Reem is the type of girls who loves socialising and keeping smiles on everyone’s face no matter who they are.   Her favourite subject is art, what interests her about art is expressing her feeling with colours and different criterias. When she becomes older and finishes school her dream job is to be and interior decorator as it really interests her. Reem would prefer watching movies, as she is not a fan of reading but is fascinated with writing her own creative stories as it allows her to express her thoughts.

  * George Phillip: George is an old man he is very stubborn but brave. He lives in a boring nursing home his only son Isac   lives overseas in Italy and hasn’t heard from him for 10 years and George’s only friend Peter died. So George is by himself in the nursing home. Harbouring thoughts of running away from the dull nursing home.
  * Isac Phillip: Isac is the only son of George he lives in Italy with his wife and daughter. Isac is 175 cm tall with blonde hair and hazel eyes with tan skin and built body. He is 23 years old. Isac is a business man he is the boss of an engineering company on the weekends he is either watching football or playing football as this is his favourite hobby along with...


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