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The Reason of Material Suspension in Mill

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Material of the ball mill (stick) live rotation is filled in the cylinder body which equipped with a grinding body, tube live the rotation through the grinding media and fall the material down after upgrading them to a prescribed height, the grinding media have a greater impact to the grinding materials , which resulted the   material to be crushed. The ball mill material is forced into the mill by the riser material raised to the prescribed height, and then free-fall, impact on the role of mutual friction between the material of grinding stripping.   due to the grain, block size to bulk materials and wedge Lee pull impact, due to the wedge and pull the counter-attack role, to prevent the material to produce the axial size segregation, and thus the bulk material can be uniformly distributed. Return to the crude material from the discharge end along with the new feed mill feed plots, evenly off the bottom of the tube center, and then spread to both sides. Bulk and fine materials to live in the cylinder at the bottom of the opposite direction along the axial movement, so producing the grinding effects, the material crushed are finely grounding. No media mill, which is also known from the mill. In addition, there are also plate mill.

The milling machine milling machine, which is also known as plate mill, the structure can be divided into fixed disc type and disc rotation these two major categories. Material joined evenly by the charging port, due to the centrifugal force, the material live at the edge of the lap , living the spring pressure or centrifugal force and gravity mill itself, the material extrusion and grinding, the material crushed finely ground. Vibrating mill   living the vibration of the cylinder body,which equipped with grinding media and materials, rapid vibration on the vibration of the cylinder to live in an approximate elliptical trajectory. The vibration of the cylinder so that the grinding media and material in suspension, and a small role...


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