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My Surprising Experience

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Tram Ngo
English 49
My Surprising Experience
Have you ever tried climb on top of a mountain before? Trying to climb on top of a mountain is not easy work, and this describes life. With me, I cannot forget my challenge and surprising experience I got on my first semester in college.
It was my first presentation in an English class. One day, my teacher came to the class and decided to assign a presentation on the final. It was easy for most students in the English class, but it was not easy for me. I was exhausted and I had no ideas for my presentation. In addition, I was very scared because I never talk in front of many people. I went home and began to prepare for it. Fortunately, my sister tried to help me. She gave me a lot of good ideas for my presentation. I also stayed in school every day to practice with my friends. Before the day of the presentation I was so scared and could not sleep all night. My mother told me not to worry, everything would be alright. The next day, my teacher told me that I was going to be first person to present. At this time, I was really scared and shy. I thought I could not do it. I couldn’t even breathe, and my hand shook but I told to myself I can do it and took a deep breath. I was cam and stared began my presentation with a clear voice. When I finished the teacher said I did a good job and he gave me an A. Anything that is easy is no life. Life is a magic box that contains many suspires and challenges that make us have to try with everything we have
Beside that challenges experience. Another day long time in the passes in my Math class but I still remember, I still think about it. On the first of my math class, my teacher said he will not tell us what day we would have a quiz, and he may give us a pop quiz at anytime. I was objective and did not worry about the quiz because it is not important and it only counts for ten percent of my class score. One day, which was the same as any other day; he came to class and...


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