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Maylin Monroe

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1926 is the day the most beautiful and well known actress Norma Jean, also known as Marilyn Monroe was born. Marilyn Monroe was known for her famous acting, singing, and modeling.   She basically had the entire package, but the whole world was fascinated by her because of her charm and sexuality. She was also famous for the promotion of Chanel 5 and the way she dressed. She was an inspiration to many, and people looked up to her as their role model. Although Marilyn had an amazing future, she had a rough beginning. Having a mother who was mentally ill and not stable was hard on her at the age of just 7. Not to mention her dad leaving her when she was just born. Having Marilyn stay in a foster home at such a young age is already a disaster. When Marilyn turned 16 her foster parents had moved from California. To avoid staying a foster child, Marilyn decided to get married to a man named James Dougherty in 1942. The plan was for her to get married to this man, and then divorce him once he got into the U.S. Merchant Marines in 1943. Marilyn became a strong and resilient woman with her difficult childhood, and early failed marriage. Those experiences gave her insecurities and flaws, things that eventually made her into a great tragic figure of the twentieth century. August 5th, 1962 something heartbreaking happened. The 36 year old movie star was found naked faced down and dead on her bed. That night Eunice Murray, a housekeeper to aid and watch over Monroe, noticed that the lights in Marylins room were on after midnight with the door locked. Murray got a little bit worried and went to check on her and got no answer back. She then called Dr.Engelberg and they got in the room. However Marylin was already dead with many prescription bottles surrounding her. After the paramedics came and all the body tests were done, doctors said they found sleeping medicine in her system. Nembutal, Seconal, and Chloral Hydrate were found in Marilyn's autopsy report, and listed as the drugs...


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