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Spanish-Amerincan War

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With the assassination of President McKinley, Theodore Roosevelt,

not quite 43, became the youngest President in the Nation's history. He

brought new excitement and power to the Presidency, as he vigorously led

Congress and the American public toward progressive reforms and a strong

foreign policy.

He took the view that the President as a "steward of the people"

should take whatever action necessary for the public good unless expressly

forbidden by law or the Constitution." I did not usurp power," he wrote,

"but I did greatly broaden the use of executive power."

Teddy's years as a child were not all gasping for breath. Teddy

was a very curious child. He loved to go outside into the woods and watch

and study birds and the surrounding wildlife. He liked to record data

about the animals, and enjoyed experimenting. When he grew up, he wrote

books about nature, and went on trips to the mountains of New York often.

Teddy and his father believed Teddy could overcome his sickness.

Mr. Roosevelt set up a gym in the Roosevelt's house. Teddy worked out more

and more, and after a while began to get stronger. But none of this

happened overnight. When Teddy went to Harvard for college, he and a

friend published a book called "Summer Birds of The Adirondacks." During

college, Teddy also was deeply saddened when his father died on February

9, 1877.

On October 27, 1880, Theodore Roosevelt walked down the aisle. He

got married to Alice Lee. Theodore also went to Columbia University Law

School. He also wrote a book called "The Naval War of 1812." He went to

balls and opera's. And was a very busy man. In 1883, Theodore went West

for a year. When came back from the trip, a new baby girl was born.

Unfortunately, soon after the baby was born, on February 14, in the early


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