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National Integration and Ohesion

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National Integration and Cohesion
      National integration is a process of achieving national cohesion, stability, prosperity, strength, and feelings of being united as a nation. Pakistan has faced varying degrees of religious, ethnic, linguistic and political problems that are often in conflict with our national interest. To guard against all external as well as internal challenges to the solidarity and security of Pakistan, a well knitted and integrated nation is a must. Lack of confidence and faith in the future of Pakistan speaks volume of our failings. All the turmoil and unrest in the country cannot be entirely placed on the external forces and our enemies. The brute and the savage force in an individual, which is basically harnessed by positive aspects of education, tends to get unleashed in different directions and causes serious disruptions within society.

Factors fuelling aggravated situation.
        National integration is the mean by which the people constituting a nation are brought together so that the whole people are unified by the leadership on the basis of their common system of symbols and institutions which these groups select, standardize, maintain arid transmit from generation to generation. National integration has two important aspects; firstly, the existing pattern of state and government and secondly; the formation and development of the character, mind and consciousness of every individual or citizen on the basis of the common ideals, values, norms, laws, beliefs and customs.
        Pakistan has a traditional society which is full of several kinds of inequalities and various kinds of prejudices and discriminations based on caste, creed, race, tribe, sex, wealth language etc. So in these circumstances Pakistani nationalism is the only ideology of the Pakistani nation. Its ideal and principles are love and devotion to Pakistan as a country and as a nation. Pakistani patriotism inspires all Pakistanis, regardless of any...


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