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Wednesday Is The Day

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Wednesday is a peculiar day. It is a day that to some people marks the end of the first half of the week, but to others marks the fresh start of the second half of the week. I personally vacillate between the two views. Depending on my mood, and how things are going in the week, I’m either happy the weeks almost over or relieved that half a week still remains. But most of the time, I can’t wait for Wednesday to be over and am so relieved when it arrives because that means the weekend is close ahead.  

I view Wednesday as the top of the hill. Monday and Tuesday are the days when you climb up the hill since it’s the start of a busy week. At the end of Wednesday, you reach the pinnacle of the week, and Thursday and Friday represent climbing back down toward the weekend. Once Wednesday is reached, the weekend does not seem so far of as when school started Monday. Due to my several AP classes, and extracurricular activities, I barely have time to relax or take a break. I always look forward for the weekend to at least have a moment where I can lay back and not have to stress or worry. So when Wednesday arrives, I have happy and comforted knowing that the weekend is close.
On some Wednesdays, I become Macbeth, regretting the past for failing to live up to some of my expectations. On these Wednesdays, I feel guilty, like Macbeth would have, for having vainly spent the valuable first half of the week, making mistakes. try to forget about the first half of the week and look forward to enjoying the second half. Also, on these Wednesdays,   I   have the opportunity to look back and reassure myself that I will work harder and not ever feel like I have wasted the first half of the week. Other Wednesdays I efficiently go through the first half of the week but am too tired to put a 100% of my effort the second half. I am happy to think of my...


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