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A Girl's Dream

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It was early morning; the sun was just starting to shine and cold breeze from the mountains of Shelter Island, a remote island in America, swept to and fro. The 10-year old Krishette, a Filipino, had just waked up when she saw her father open the marquee of her bed and skitter slowly.
“Good morning my handsome daddy," she mumbled with gaiety.
“I taught you’re still asleep my little princess. Are you hungry? Do you want to eat? I will get food from the cauldron.” Mr. dela Cruz answered.
“Do we have Gumbo for breakfast?” Krishette asked then ran toward the kitchen when her dad nodded. Her dad followed her in the kitchen.
“By the way dad, where are you going? You looked like going to a caucus.” Krishette told her dad and a guffaw was heard. But her father didn’t answer.
“Well, my good-looking daddy is so evasive, so I’m going to discover it myself.”
“Okay, okay. No need to discover it yourself little princess. Daddy’s going to New York. I’m going to sell the vegetables and haggle it in a good price.” Krishette’s eyelids fluttered.
“Daddy, I want to go with you. Please. Please,” while giving him the cutest face ever.
The Old farmer allowed her daughter to go with him leaving his wife and other children to guard their house. They have to travel a hundred miles to reach New York, passing through a ditch by riding a pirogue to reach Arshamonaque. Then, riding a bus for almost 8 hours to reach New Sulfolk’s anchorage where they rode in a dinghy bound for Southport, almost 6 hours travel from New York. It is a very large city with edifice building heftily built.
“Daddy, New York is very big and very different from Shelter Island. These buildings are the best archetype of how big castles in fairy tales are,” Krishette remarked with amazement. “No, ‘archetype’ is a misnomer. These buildings are bigger than castles,” she added.
“You’re right, New York is a wonderful place,” her father answered.
“Daddy, I want to live here!”
“Krishette, we are poor and our...


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